16.03 2020
Veranstaltungen 2020
Liebe Gäste! Aufgrund der Coronasituation verschieben sich die Termine unserer Events, welche Sie unter der Rubrik "Veranstaltungen" einsehen können. Die bereits erworbenen Eintrittskarten behalten Ihre Gültigkeit. Wir bedanken uns für Ihr Verständnis.

Sonntag, 30.08 2020
Zärtlichkeiten mit Freunden ist leider ausverkauft!!!!!!
Zärtlichkeiten mit Freunden ist leider ausverkauft!!!!!!
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Sonntag, 13.09 2020
Tag des offenen Denkmals
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Sonntag, 27.09 2020
Kabarett mit Birgit Schaller
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Magic Palace Schoenfeld

In the 13th century, Palace Schoenfeld was mentioned as a castle surrounded by water for the first time. With its closed complex and the unique furnishing in the style of the Neorenaissance it became well-known in Saxony and abroad.

In the Middle age, travellers used the "Hohe Strasse" which crossed Schoenfeld as a trade route between West and East Europe. By 1216 the sovereigns of Sconnefeldt kept the traffic on that road under surveillance. In that time, the basement of the "Dicke Turm" (Thick Tower) was erected whose size still characterizes the appearance of the castle. In the 15th century the castle lost its fortified character because of many reconstructions and got a rich structuring. In 1882 baron of Burgk bought the castle and rebuilt it.

The main building with a richly shaped stairwell, the ballroom as well as panelling at the walls and the coffered ceilings is very impressive. The surrounding park with approximately 60 different kinds of trees and shrubs from all continents invites its guests for relaxing walks and recuperation. A great variety of events take place in the castle on a regularly bases. Every last Thursday of the month, magicians take the visitors into a world of illusion.